Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Target & Walgreens

Target & Walgreens shopping this week did not go as well as planned. Actually I think I just didn't plan very well. I saved more than 50% at both stores but this brings me to the big question. Would I have bought those things if they weren't a great deal? No. Would I have saved more if I had bought nothing? Yes. CVS is great b/c I can get out of there for a few dollars. I think I will be sticking to it unless I can get something free somewhere else. As Dave Ramsey says it's only saving if you buy things you were already going to buy. On the other hand, I am creating an emergency fund in my pantry. Justification. I know, that won't grow wealth.


Candace said...

This is true.
I have to remind myself too.
Getting a good deal seems kind of addictive.
Do you inventory your pantry?

Living Frugal & Loving It said...

Oh no. That would be way to smart! =) It is pretty organized though so I can see what I have easily.

Niki said...

I have been trying to remember that myself lately. I used to spend a lot to "save", but I am being much more careful now. I was sooooo guilty of this at Target!