Friday, March 21, 2008

Saving money- my new full time job?

Am I the only one that gets worn out by all the couponing and saving? I am in no way complaining but by the time I check moneysavingmom, thriftyfloridamama, afullcup, herecomesthestork, then moneysavingmom again, then organize my coupons, make my shopping list, and get out the door, it's after noon. And I started at 8am! And today was a slow day. Not a new CVS day. Between Saturday night and Sunday morning CVS planning, I'm a wreck. I WON'T even allow myself to delve into the Walgreens world b/c it seems confusing to me and I really don't want to know how to do it. It would just involve more of my time. By the time Peyton and I hit WalMart (in case they had more nuggets even though I got 9 bags), CVS (In case they got toothpaste. I already have plenty but I NEED more. And I had to get a couple of birthday gifts.), Aldi, and Target (for the grocery items I needed that they had on sale, that I couldn't get cheaper at Aldi) it was 4pm when we got home. 8-4 is a full time job. I only spent about $40 total for all 3 stores and got MUCH more than that in retail value, but my day was gone. I LOVE saving money but as I sit here in an exhausted stuper I wonder if I really save money in comparison to the time I put into it. WHO CARES? It IS fun!! And I might use 5 tubes of toothpaste before CVS puts them on sale again. =)


FishMama said...

I hear you. I wonder the same thing, sometimes. My husband encouraged me to continue it if it was fun, not a chore. I appreciated that. We do okay financially without it, but we're doing way better with it. So, that is an incentive for me.

How about taking a week off?

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Take some time off! When yo uhave a stock pile you CAN do that becuase of you have plenty. :D

Have a garage sale and make some mula off your stock pile! :-D I made $200 off mine 2 months ago when we had our first ever garage sale. hehe Not bad I would say....

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FishMama said...

Nichole, how did you do THAT?