Friday, February 29, 2008

Snowflaking my envelopes

The way my hubby gets paid, once a month basically, makes it really great for paying bills. One commitee meeting, everyone gets paid, the end. It's makes it a little more tough on our envelope system. I get paid sparatically through the month, and always different amounts. Yes, always. I basically know how much I need to contribute each week and anything on top of that goes to snowflake our envelopes, or in a perfect world, snowflake our debt. We still agree on how much we are going to spend each month on food, gas, blow, etc, we just don't fully fund the envelopes at the same time that we pay our bills. Is that cheating, Dave Ramsey? I hope not because it is working for us, better than any other system we ever tried to put in place before. Tonight I am working an extra shift simply because we want to be ahead of the game instead of trying to catch up. What do you do for that little extra cushion? Comments will be read and appreciated!

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Candace said...

I am working on trying to set up a monthly budget too. I am finding it challenging, though, as our monthly income is variable.
Great blog. I just started one too.
Come visit.