Sunday, February 24, 2008

CVS 2/24- update

My transactions had to change a bit and I thought I would let you all know why. I couldn't find the children's aspirin ANYWHERE. At first I figured they were out. I found the store manager and he took me to the "low dose adult aspirin". He said the children's aspirin had been changed to adult low dose. This sounded strange to me so I asked the pharmacist if it was okay to give the low dose aspirin to my 3 yr. old. He told me that aspirin is not a very good product, in general, for children. To quote him he said it's still around because of history and if they tried to pass it through the FDA now it probably wouldn't pass. SCARY! Needless to say, I put it back. If you give aspirin to your kids I don't want anyone to be offended. I just wanted to pass along the info I was given. =)

Here's how I did my transactions instead. Starting with $5 ecb.

Transaction 1

Scott Paper towels 4.99
Stayfree 2/$10
Phenom Razor 9.99
-1.00 scott coupon
-2.00 stayfree coupon
-4.00 phenom razor coupon
-4.00 off/20.00 cvs coupon
-5.00 ecb
oop total 9.83
ecb earned 8.00

Transaction 2

Nestle Crunch eggs 2.50
" " Butterfinger eggs 2.50
5 easter sweet tarts 4.95
butterfinger candy bar .50
softsoap handsoap 1.49
sunlight dish liquid .77
childrens ibuprofen 4.29 (in place of all that aspirin)
-8.00 ecb
oop total 9.31
ecb earned 5.00

I spent more oop this way but I would have never used that aspirin after talking with the pharmacist. Share any good deals you found this week!

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