Sunday, February 24, 2008

CVS- Sunday 2/24

OK so I have officially lost it. My CVS did not have an ad last week so I have had MAJOR CVS withdrawals this week. I woke up at 7:30 this morning ready to run out and get my paper to see if CVS had an ad. Much to my delight, they did!! Here's how I plan to spend $10 at CVS this week. FYI- My CVS seems to run out of the really great deals by Sunday afternoon. I try to check out on Saturday because they have copies of the upcoming sales ads. That way all I have to do is clip my mfg. coupons. I have $5 ecb to start with this week.

*I used the ecb I had earned 2 weeks ago last weekend for milk, 75% off Valentine's and juice. All for .02!

Transaction 1

3 CVS Children's Chewable Aspirin 5.37
-$5 ecb
ECB earned 5.37

Transaction 2

2 CVS Childrens Chewable Aspirin 3.58
Phenom Razor 9.99
Stayfree 2/$10
-$2.00 Stayfree coupon
-$4.00 Phenom coupon
-$4.00 off/$20 CVS coupon (available on iheartcvs)
-5.37 ecb
OOP 8.20
ECB earned 11.58

Transaction 3
Nestle Easter Candy 10.00
Softsoap Handsoap 1.49
-11.49 ecb
OOP 0.00
ECB earned 6.00

Transaction 4 (Things I need!)

Scott Paper Towels (8 pack) 4.99
Sunlight Dish Liquid .77

- 1.00 Scott Paper Towel coupon (from Scott Website)

ECB 4.76

Total OOP for the day- 8.57

ECB left for next week- 1.00 (I like to have more than this but I don't have a great CVS budget this week.)

If anyone sees a better way to do this please let me know.

*OTHER COUPONS- Target has free string cheese again. for use in the pizza crust recipe from last week. You can make stuffed crust pizza!

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