Thursday, February 21, 2008

Four letter word? SALE.

My favorite four letter word-SALE! One of my favorite chidren's stores is promoting a sale this week. It shall remain nameless as to protect the innocent, but I'm sure you have one in a mall near you. What is it about that word sale that makes you think OMG I may miss out on something if I don't get it NOW! I try to limit the baby's clothes, now, to a few, 3 or 4, nice outfits and then mostly play clothes. She's 3. She doesn't care as long as she's covered. She always looks darling (I am biased!) but it's not like when she was first born. The child's closet was busting at the seams while all of my clothes were old and covered in spit up. Unfortunately at the time of her being dressed to the nines I got on many e-mail lists from designer childrens clothiers. I don't take myself off, simply because I do love to look at the pretties. The only time I run into trouble is when they have a sale, or worse, a clearance. By the time it's gets to clearance prices, I don't even especially like the clothes but the prices are closer to reasonable so I feel like it's okay to buy them. Then they sit, with the tags, in her drawer b/c the outfit from Target I paid full price for I like better. Is $10 for a pair of PJ's REALLY a good deal, or is it just cheaper than the $20 the store usually charges? Trust me I can justify about anything when it comes to the kids but I am staying away from this "sale". No more clothes for anyone until spring!!

I have missed listing meal plans for a couple of nights this week. One that I know I missed is one of our favorites so I know I'll be able to post it later. It's Maddy's favorite and she is THE pickiest eater. It's rare I make something that the entire family will eat. I will post it next time I make it.

Last night, I'm ashamed to say we had Hamburger Helper Lasagna. It was actually pretty good. I am not a fan of HH, but hubby loves it. He was raised on the stuff, I was raised on meals from scratch, nothing powdered. HH is great for a quick meal, I just try to have it in moderation. You can feed your family quickly and inexpensively and still not eat from a box.

Tonight we will have baked bagel club sandwiches. These are a fave of mine. REALLY fast, but hot and hearty. Serve with carrot sticks, cucumber and dip and a pasta salad!

Pre-sliced bagels (1.19 at Aldi)
deli style turkey lunchmeat
deli style ham lunchmeat
cooked bacon (I always cook the whole package when I make it for Sunday breakfast)
Swiss cheese slices
Colby Jack cheese slices

Pre heat oven to 400. Layer bottom of bagel with turkey, swiss, bacon, ham, colby jack, and top with other half of bagel. Wrap in foil and cook for 10-15 minutes, or until heated through.

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Good job with your blog, sweetie! it was very nice to read.

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