Monday, February 25, 2008

Free Movie Monday!

Today you can go to any Redbox and use a promo code to get a free movie! Our Redbox is at WM Neighborhood Market but there is also oe at McD's. I've also heard Albertson's have them.
Today's code is 26LBYS.

Tonight's dinner will consist of steak, baked potato, asparagus and salad. How are we having a "fancy" dinner like this on our hamburger budget. Well, thanks to some nice people who want my hubby to do business with them, my hubby had a steak lunch brought to him today! Being the super sweetie that he is, he saved the steak to bring home, and ate the salad for lunch today. Lucky for us, the girls think steak is "gross"!

I was on last night for HOURS! I had no idea that Target had such great grocery bargains. I'm a sucker for forums so I spent the better part of the evening reading different posts about Target deals. There is a whole couponing world out there that I am just discovering. Watch out!

On a side note, positive thought would be appreciated. My mother had surgery today and she is going to be recovering for a few weeks. Everything went great but it is a stressful time for our family. Keep her in your prayers, please. Thank you.

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