Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday shopping.....

I love taking pictures of particularly good shopping trips. I'm sure some think it's strange that the only pictures that make it to my blog are of groceries, but I love saving! I spent 54.68 w/ tax but I saved 61.58! That isn't including what I saved on the 1/2 gallon of organic milk (marked down to .99/ expires the 17th) or the gallon of Homeland milk (marked down to .99 as well). With this coming week being Spring Break, I will have both kids home all day so I knew we would need more snacks, quick foods (in case of a babysitter) and lots of milk. If I would allow it, they would go through a gallon a day! If I could always get it for .99, I would probably let them. So, here is what we bought.....

V8 Splash x2
Tylenol x2 (This is for Mommy. It may be a long week!)
Dairy .99 (milk)
Choc/Van pudding (clearanced for 1.21)
Hefty trash bags
Honeycomb cereal x4
Choc pudding (clearanced for 1.21)
Jello x2 (I promised Peyton we would make 'Jigglers')
Kraft singles x2
PB crackers
Cat Chow .19
dog food can free
cat food can x2 b1g1 (I buy these when I get them super cheap to supplement the pets)
velveeta x2
chicken nuggets x2
milk .99
simply orange OJ
dz. eggs
Freshcetta pizza x2
whole fryer (.99/pd)
beef roast (1.99/pd)
pizza rolls x2
cucumbers x2
1/2 gal. milk (1.29 expires 3/30)

My basket was full to the brim. Along with the underneath. This is how I seperate my transactions. The bigger one goes in the main part and the smaller one goes to the underneath.

Check back tomorrow for the CVS and Walgreens deal for the week!

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LL said...

Thanks for all the great advice on what's out there for less!.