Monday, March 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 3/23

After sitting down with my calendar, I have a pretty short grocery list this week. Since I am constantly buying things at low, low prices (or FREE, my favorite) I thought I would post my grocery list. Hopefully, this will show what stockpiling can do for your grocery budget. Keep in mind, I budget $300/ month for a family of 4 for food. This is mostly spent on groceries but we occasionally go out for dinner.

M- Shredded beef on tortillas, beans and rice (This is using leftovers from the fridge.)
T- Beef tips, mashed potatoes, green beans, bread
W- BBQ ribs, mac & cheese, cucumber slices, biscuits
Th- Spaghetti Pie & garlic bread
F- French toast, bacon & eggs
S- Bertolli ravioli (& leftover spaghetti pie, in case it's yucky)
S- Tacos, black beans, corn

This is our grocery list. This includes breakfast and lunches.

black beans
juice boxes

I'm also going to buy a couple of punds of Laura's Lean Beef if it's on sale at my Target. I'm down to one pound in the freezer. Hopefully Homeland will put their's on sale soon!! I'll update with a total when I return.

Edit: I spent $46 at Target. The beef was not on sale and they were out of razors. I ended up adding some things to the list like snacks for Peyton's class on Thursday, coffee filters, and vegetable oil. I also had to get children's tylenol. These extras added up quick, but I still came in under budget for the week.

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