Sunday, March 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 3/16

Ahhh, Spring Break. I think Spring Break is to remind parents what it's like to have the kids out of school. Kind of a summer preview. I don't usually post all 3 meals until summer but since we will be home I need to plan ahead to avoid the drive-thru. Here's the plan:

Monday- (B) scrambled eggs
(L) grilled cheese sandwiches & fruit
(D) grilled hamburgers & hot dogs
(S) cupcake pops (Thanks, Bakerella!)

Tuesday-(B) cold cereal
(L) frozen pizza & fruit
(D) Farmhouse Chicken casserole
(S) oranges

Wednesday-(B) granola bars
(L) spaghetti o's & fruit
(D) Roast, potatoes, carrots
(S) apples

Thursday- (B) pop-tarts
(L) beef hot dogs, chips
(D) BBQ ribs, mac & cheese, green beans
(S) fruit

Friday- (B) eggs & toast
(L) chicken nuggets, mac & cheese
(D) shredded beef burritos, beans & rice
(S) fruit

Saturday- (B) cold cereal
(L) grilled cheese
(D) spaghetti & garlic bread
(S) pretzels

Sunday- church all day
(D) beef stroganoff, egg noodles & green beans

Have a good week!

Stay tuned for my multi post "Frugal Spring Break"!

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