Monday, March 16, 2009

Frugal Spring Break- Monday

Since Mom and Dad are busy "snowballing" our Spring Break will be a "stay-cation". I have different things planned for each day this week and I will be posting pics to go along with the fun. Today I was the kind of Mom I would be if I had all the time in the world. We shopped, we played, and we baked. This must be what Angelina does all day. Here are the pics...
After shopping for our supplies, the girls made aprons for our baking day. I helped Peyton and baked the cake while the big girls finished their aprons.

Then we had lunch. Crust-less grilled cheese, chips and fruit. On leftover birthday plates. Because I'm cool like that.

Then we were off to the "big" park that we pass in our neighborhood. Everytime we drive by Peyton asks if we can play there. I usually say no but not on Spring Break! And we stayed until they were tired of playing. Because I am also cool like THAT.

For Mommy! I love FREE magazine subscriptions!

After playing at the park, we came home to make Cupcake Pops. Ours didn't turn out as cute as Bakerella's but we had fun trying.

So there is our Day 1 of Spring Break. Total for all this fun?
2.99 x 2= aprons
1.99= sticks
.99 x 3= paint
.88= cake mix
1.00= frosting
2.00= almond bark

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