Friday, September 19, 2008

Target dealios!

I like Target. I don't shop EVERY SINGLE deal there because I end up wandering through the kids clothes and shoes and buy things I don't need. Therefore I save nothing, and spend money I wasn't planning. I know I need to work on my self-control. However, I have 2 deals that I can only get at Target and they are too good to pass up. I will be putting on my blinders. "They do not need more clothes. They do not need more clothes. 75% or not, they do not need more clothes."

Deal 1-Iams dog food
If you signed up for the free Iams dog food coupon a few weeks back, you should be receiving your coupon anytime. I just got mine today. On 's Target coupon generator there is a coupon for $5 off any 6lb or larger Iams dog food. My free coupon states 'free up to $7'. If you combine it with the $5 coupon you can get a good size bag for a few cents. Woo Hoo!

Deal 2- Barbie lunch pails
Remember when we bought all that Skippy peanut butter at Target? Remember the $5 off Barbie sportswear peelie on the creamy variety? I made a mental note of these at the time. Well, now the Barbie lunch pails are on sale for 4.98. I guess they are considered sportswear b/c the coupons are being reported as working. These will make good birthday gifts. I love really good free stuff!

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