Tuesday, July 29, 2008

School Supplies.....for pre-school?!?

So, Miss Peyton is enrolled in pre-school for the fall. 2 days a week for half a day. Today in the mail I get her school supply list. Seriously? I should have been hitting up the 1 cent sales everyone has been running the past few weeks. I have had to take snacks and baby wipes in the past for Mother's Day Out, but this list looks like it's for elementary school. Tell me if I'm over reacting.

1 box wide washable markers
1 bottle white glue
2 large glue sticks
1 pair child size scissors
1 3-ring binder (1 1/2 inch with view front)
2 pkgs page protectors (approx 30)
2 boxes baby wipes
1 roll paper towels
1 box kleenex
1 pkg party favors for treasure chest
1 backpack
1 box band aids (GIRLS)
1 can white shaving cream (BOYS)

I don't even want to know why they need shaving cream. Does that seem like a lot for a 3 year old class, 2 days a week. Not to mention that the price is not exactly cheap, and I already paid a $35 enrollment fee + a $25 enrollment fee for MDO. What are those fees used for? Preschool teachers, enlighten me please!!


AmySalyer said...

Can't guess at where your fee money goes, but as an elementary school teacher I CAN tell you the "why" of some of the items:

Shaving cream works great for cleaning tables - the adult sprays some on the table, then the kids have a very fun tactile discovery experience as they simultaneously play and clean the surface (makes the room smell great, too!). this is also a "good, clean, fun" way to practice drawing shapes, letters, numbers, etc.

The binder and sheet protectors will probably be used to create a portfolio of your child's artwork, etc. - which you will absolutely treasure as the years go by.

The backpack will help ensure that things travel from home to school and school to home with (hopefully) a minimal amount of wreckage and loss. This is also a "responsibility piece" for the kiddos, good training for years of school in the future.

As a mom of young children, you no doubt know that little ones go through bandages, Kleenex, wipes, etc. like there's no tomorrow... it's hard to keep up.

Anyway, I understand the "sticker shock" you're feeling, but hope this bit of information is at least a little helpful.


Living Frugal & Loving It said...

OK now I understand the shaving cream. And I hope they use the sheet protectors so I can keep her stuff. That will be precious. And she already has a backpack, so I get that too. I guess it just seemed like a LOT of stuff for the little amount of time that they are there, especially after the fees. Thanks for enlightening me!

Shirley said...
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The Ice House said...

When my kids were in pre-school it was at a church and I never had to send in anything...my HIGH tuition covered it all. Is this something you pay weekly or monthly for? Personally, it seems like a lot of stuff considering it's such a short amount of time. My 3rd child will be in K5 this year and her list isn't as long as the one you posted. Personally, I would be asking some questions at the preschool your child is attending. If you are paying tuition PLUS supplying all of this I'd want to know where my money is going.