Monday, July 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Hubby and I don't eat breakfast and the girls are not big breakfast eaters. By the time they get hungry it's close enough to lunch time that we have lunch and a decent size snack later in the day. So, here is our lunch, snack, and dinners plans for the week.

Monday- Lunch- Mac and Cheese, Grapes
Dinner- Lemon Chicken, Rice, Green Beans
Snack- Yogurt

Tuesday- Lunch- Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Chips
Dinner- Chicken Alfredo, Salad
Snack- Juice Bars

Wednesday- Lunch- Spaghetti O's, Grapes
Dinner- Grilled Hot Dogs, Corn, Salad
Snack- Smoothies

Thursday- Lunch- Leftover Hot Dogs, Chips
Dinner- Tacos, Rice, Black Beans
Snack- Grapes

Friday- Lunch- Chicken Noodle Soup, Toast
Dinner- Homemade Pizza, Salad
Snack- Pudding

Saturday- Lunch- Grilled Cheese, Chips
Dinner- Leftovers from the week (Hubby works late and I clean all day!)
Snack- Smoothies

Sunday- Lunch- out after church
Dinner- Sub sandwiches
Snack- Juice Bars

If you are wondering why my children's lunches consist of really quick, somewhat processed foods, let me explain. I work. Not at home. Well, in addition to my outside job I work at home, but not for money! My girls are here with a babysitter most days when it's time to eat lunch. Therefore, I have to have things available that anyone can warm up and that my children will eat when I'm not here to tell them they don't have the choice of not eating.

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