Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Homeland trip

I know I posted the deals yesterday but this is the first time I've been owed money at the GROCERY STORE! It has happened at CVS numerous times but this was exciting. Homeland will only double one of the same coupon per transaction. No problem, I will do multiple trasnactions. It's not like I haven't done it before.

Transaction one-

Notebook paper .50
Boneless Pork Ribs 3.99 (reduced for quick sale)
Pickles 1.00
Shred cheese 1.50
Pickles 1.00
Glue Sticks .50 (for Peyton's preschool class)
Sour cream 2.00
Iced tea 1.04
creamer 2.00
Secret 1.00
Pillsbury dinner rolls 1.00
Pillsbury french loaf 1.00
1.00 pickles
.60 tea
.44 tea
1.00 creamer
1.00 creamer
1.00 secret
1.00 secret
.35 rolls
.35 rolls
.35 french loaf
.35 french loaf

Total oop 9.03

MQ 4.30
BonusQ 3.14
Homeland card savings 15.83
Total savings 23.27 (74% off)

So then I do transaction 2. I had 3 more creamer coupons and 1 more tea coupon. Here's where planning better would have come in handy. She rings up the tea and 1 creamer. My total after coupons was -1.06!! I just handed her my other two creamers with their coupons. My total oop was 1.28, which is great but if I had thought better I could have used some of the items I didn't have coupons for, like the pork ribs, on the second, third and fourth transaction and had close to 0.00 oop. I'm still okay with it because I am still learning the grocery store coupon game, but I was so frustrated with myself for not paying closer attention.

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