Sunday, July 27, 2008

CVS Sunday

I was so excited to go to CVS today. With a 3 year old usually in tow, it just hasn't been worth it the last couple of weeks. I'm always surprised with my out of pocket b/c I think I know what it will be and then I'll be blessed by the coupon printer. Since I didn't have any extra bucks to start with (GASP!) I scanned both of my cards (Yes, I really do only have 2 cards. Really.) to see what would spit out. Much to my surprise I had 3.50 in extra bucks on one card, from my Spring spending. And I got a $2 off $10!! Here's what I did...... FYI- My CVS didn't have the DVD's. And the Revlon was in the back b/c they "haven't changed their cosmetics yet". This is when it's good to know your cashiers and make nice with them. My cashier said, "Follow me, and you can get what you want out of the box. I'll just tell everyone else that we don't have the makeup."

Transaction 1
Revlon 9.99
- 2.00 m q from 7/20
- 2/10 crt q
- 3.50 ecb
Total OOP 2.84
ecb- 9.99

Transaction 2
Scott towels 4.99
Stayfree 4.50
Stayfree 4.50
Schick Intuition 3.99
Gobstoppers 1.00
- 1.00 scott m q 7/27
- b1g1 stayfree m q 7/20
- 4.00 schick m q 6/29 (? on date)
- 9.99 ecb
Total OOP .31

I sooooooo heart CVS!! When I left CVS I hit Target to check out their shoe clearance. I got 2 pairs of sandals and a pair of fall shoes for Peyton, for next year, and super cute pair of wedge sandals for me, all for $14!!

What great deals have you gotten recently? Post it in comments! You could be helping a fellow frugal friend.

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