Friday, July 25, 2008

"Buying" Coupons

I have found the wave of the future!! Figure out the sales a few days in advance. Go to ebay and find 20 of the 1 coupon you need to make your deals even better. Click Buy It Now. They come to your mailbox in a few days. I'm in love! Nothing to keep up with and no searching through your box of coupons for half an hour to get one coupon. MUCH less mess too. I don't use a lot of coupons at the grocery store b/c they don't take internet coupons and they don't double coupons so it really isn't worth it unless it's an amazing coupon, like the $1 off powerade. Instead of feverishly running around digging through the neighbors recycle bins (Oh yes I did!) I just ordered them off ebay for $2.50. That's 20 free powerades plus 2 cases of dasani for a positive of .70!! (The powerades at the grocery store are .68, and I got the overage.) That, my friends, is no fuss couponing. In fact, I haven't even opened my Sunday paper from last week!!

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