Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bargain meal of the week- Homeland

Chicken thighs are on sale for $1/lb. this week. I don't usually cook thighs but I have read on other blogs they cook up great in the crockpot. This is a 2 step recipe. Step 1- cook thighs in crockpot with some season salt. Shred the chicken when done. Then make these, Yummy! FYI- the reviews say to use more oil and to omit the cheddar cheese. I, personally, would use colby jack or mexican blend. This recipe makes 36 flautas so unless you are REALLY hungry, I would freeze some for an afternoon snack.

Chicken thighs (2lbs)- $2.00
-.75/1 1/25 SS= .50 (prices will vary by weight)
Season salt- $1
- $1/2 1/18 SS= 2 for free!
Corn tortillas (Santa Fe) - $1.00
6 ears of corn (Allens)- $1.00
Lipton rice sides (Taco is our favorite mexican variety)- $1.00
- .75/2 1/18 RP= .25
Bush's seasoned black beans (not on sale) .99

Meal- Chicken flautas, taco flavored rice, corn on the cob, seasoned black beans
Total oop- 3.74

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