Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bargain Meal of the Week- Homeland

Here's the meal for the week of 2/11-2/17 Enjoy!

Pork tenderloin 1.99/lb- 2lbs
Use $1q from 2/8 SS= 1.98
Knorr Lipton sides (rice or pasta)
Use .75/2 from 1/18 RP= .25 each
Birds Eye Steamfresh Veggies
Use $1/3 from 1/4 SS= .58 each
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
Use .30/1 from 2/8 GM= 1.40

Meal: Breaded Pork Tenderloin, rice or pasta, steamed veggies, crescent rolls
Total cost: $4.21
Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Breaded-Pork-Tenderloin/Detail.aspx


Suzanne said...

I just clicked on your link from 5.00 dinners! I'm SO excited to find your blog and frugal ideas... in my state! So many of the frugal websites are great but we do not have the same stores!
Hope you're having a good weekend!

Living Frugal & Loving It said...

I'm glad you found me! I was having the same problem with stores. Check out the Homeland forum at www.afullcup.com. The ladies on there are great and always have a super coupon matchup!