Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Shopping

I clipped my coupons, made my lists, & made sure I had all the neccesary elements for a successful shopping afternoon. Unfortunately, when I went to Walgreens to collect my gift card I was told my doctor had not sent in the refill. Urg. This messed up my zero-out-of-pocket plan, seriously. I was going to wait and go back tomorrow until I remembered that I had $10 in RR that expired today. So I spent $7 oop to save $10. Urg, again. I'm going to post my Walgreens and grocery store list for the week and then explain how it goes with my menu plan for the week tomorrow. I am also going to * the items that were impulse purchases in order to show you, and myself, how much those things add up.

Transaction 1
4 Skippy p.b.= 7.98
4 Ragu= 7.98
dz. eggs= 1.59
- 1.20 in Skippy q's
- 1.00 in Ragu q's
- 10 rr (Frito Lay rr)
total 6.67, savings 20.28, get 10 rr from Unilever

I had to have an extra item in order to use the rr because I had a coupon for each of the p.b. and Ragu. I could have bought something cheaper, like a pencil or candy, but I needed eggs anyway. And when I made my plan I was using a gift card. The rr is considered a manufacturer coupon and you have to have as many items as coupons.

Transaction 2
8 bags Doritos= $20
- 10 rr (Unilever deal)
total 10, get 10 rr from Frito Lay

This is important. You can't use a rr from one deal to do the same deal again. It will not print. Since I used a Frito Lay rr in trans 1, I got another one from Unilever. Now, I used the Unilever rr on another Frito Lay deal, so I will receive another 10 rr from Frito Lay.

Transaction 3
Deerfield Farms cheese x2= $4
Kraft Mac n' cheese x3= $2
Tuf trashbags= 3.99
Extra gum x3= .99
- 10 rr
total .98
Since I already did transaction 1 I will have $14 left on my gift card.

Grocery store

BC cookie mix x3= 4.50*
Mini Pretzels x2= 2.50*
SCO Lays 2.00
Gallon Milk 2.74
Cheetos 1.67
Italian bread 1.99
Cinnamon rolls 1.88
Lays Stax x2 1.98
bread 1.97
ketchup .98
ritz 2.50*
BBQ sauce 1.50
bell pepper .99
cucumber x2 1.00
shrimp 4.47*
grapes 3.02
olives 1.09*
olives 1.29*
carrots 1.50
ground beef 3.01
popcorn chicken 1.69*
- $1 off milk when you buy Sara Lee bread
total 47.77

Most of these "impulse" buys were snacks hubby wanted to take to work. This will cut down on his lunch or snack machine spending so it all works out. The shrimp has been on my list the last couple of weeks but I always seem to go when the meat counter is closed. I will be making a meal with it but 7.99/pd. for protein is RIDICULOUS! This will have to be a special treat meal. It better be good! Come back tomorrow for my meal plan for the week.

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