Friday, October 3, 2008

Walgreens $5/20

Go to Walgreen's tomorrow! Yes it has to be tomorrow. First print this
Then, do this
1 Oral B toothbrush 4.49
1 Fusion razor 8.99
5 Softsoap 3.49
1 Barbie toothbrush 2.99 (stocking stuffer)
- $5 easy saver q softsoap
- $4 fusion 9/28 P&G
- $3 softsoap ips (I was able to print 3)
- .75 oral b 9/8 P&G
total 20.66
-5/20 Walgreens 2day coupon = 15.66
+tax= 23.?? oop
Get back
$4 register rewards for Fusion
$4.49 rr for Oral B
$10 rr for Softsoap
So if there is anything I need I have $18.49 to spend at Walgreens- woo hoo!

I had to get something to push me over the $20 mark and Peyton was begging for a Barbie toothbrush-loudly. This was a great deal for me because I got my last bottle of body wash out a few weeks ago and was wondering how I was going to score more for free. This is pretty close to free!
Thanks to Mercedes and Hot Coupon World for help in compiling this scenario.
Visit Mercedes each week for great Walgreens deals.

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