Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Target deals

I had a cart full- literally! I spent 37.00 but I saved $75! Here's the rundown:

16 bags carrots- FREE
8 loaves Earth Grains bread- FREE
App. 8pds of "steak"- app. $8
2 lbs grapes- $2
4 packages Ortega taco seasoning- 1.27
2 family size boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats- 1.04
9 buddies bars- FREE
2 bags of ruffles- $5 (hubby threw them in)
2 reusable bags- FREE
2 shredded cheese- $4
2 3-pack Horizon singles- 3.78

I think that's all. Plus tax is about $37. I use the quotes on steak b/c I would never eat chuck steak or eye of round steak for "steak" But it's great in the crock pot for beef tips of beef stroganoff. Cheap is good!

PS- Does anyone know if you can freeze baby carrots and bring them back to normal for raw eating? TIA!


beansntatersmama said...

how areyou getting free produce at target? Do they have some sort of card like krogers or do they mail out coupons? I don't normally shop there but keep hearing about great buys thanks angie

Living Frugal & Loving It said...

Their bags of carrots were on sale for .99 and they had $1 off coupons on the website. This week their heads of broccoli and cauliflower are sale for 1.33 and there are $1 off coupons on, making them .33 each. Hope this helps~

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