Friday, June 13, 2008

Dave Ramsey style date......

Only someone who has "blow" money can truly appreciate this. Hubby called last night and asked if I wanted to go see 'Sex & the City'. My first thought, "Movie theater? Expensive. Not to mention that we have to get a sitter..." So instead of ruining my husband's sweet gesture of an adult evening out, I say "Oh yes, that sounds like fun! It will be a lot of blow money though." In true FPU form he says, "Well, we can split it. We'll go dutch!" Keep in mind that we split our blow money so hence the splitting the movie. It's so funny how our thinking has changed. Back in the day we would have paid the sitter, gone to a nice dinner, gotten pizza for the kids, bought popcorn and candy and soda, and easily dropped $200, just to see a movie. We still spent a ridiculous amount of money last night, $44, including a bean burrito for Peyton, sitter, and popcorn and a coke but that's our big night out for the month.

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